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Successful entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth worldwide. EY annually arranges the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award in more than 60 countries. The purpose is to make entrepreneurs visible and increase interest in entrepreneurship. The award will also inspire tomorrow's entrepreneurs. EY started EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the USA as early as 1986. In Sweden, the award began to be presented in 1995 under the name Entrepreneur of the Year. Since 2001, the award has been called EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and is awarded regionally, nationally and internationally. Over the years, EY has had the privilege of meeting and working with the world's most successful entrepreneurs. This has led to a deep insight into this dynamic group, which, regardless of industry and background, is characterized by similar behavioral patterns and ways of thinking.


The nomination process for the world's foremost award for entrepreneurs, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, has now been completed in Sweden. After many in-depth interviews, ten finalists in each region are selected to advance to the regional finals, which will be decided in six cities throughout Sweden in November and December.
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In addition to the main prize, EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, winners are also selected in the categories Female Shooting Star of the Year and Male Shooting Star of the Year, as well as SEB's Award for Best International Growth. The winners of the six regional finals held in November meet in the national final in Stockholm 2022. Click to view a snapshot of the awards from our 2020 and 2021 program.