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Helene Åqvist - Award

Successful entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth worldwide. EY annually organizes the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year award in over 60 countries. The purpose is to showcase entrepreneurs and increase interest in entrepreneurship. The award also aims to inspire tomorrow's entrepreneurs.

EY initiated the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year in the USA as early as 1986. In Sweden, the award started being presented in 1995 under the name "Årets Entreprenör." Since 2001, the award has been called EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and is presented regionally, nationally, and internationally. Over the years, EY has had the privilege of meeting and working with the world's most successful entrepreneurs. This has led to a deep understanding of this dynamic group, which, regardless of industry and background, is characterized by similar behavior patterns and mindsets.

EY is proud to award Helene Åqvist with the honor.

The national jury consists of key figures in the Swedish business community and entrepreneurs who have previously won the award.

With extensive knowledge and experience in business and entrepreneurship, the independent jury will evaluate the finalists based on the award's criteria. Finally, winners will be selected.

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